Information For Charities

Reminders for Charities (and information for next year’s applicants)

We ask that you circulate all information regarding the Festival to every volunteer for your charity who is in any way involved in the Festival.

It is a condition of participation that your charity is represented at the October briefing meeting. Failure to attend may result in your charity losing their place in the Festival. Your representative at this meeting must be someone who will be responsible for, and actively involved in, your charity’s participation in the festival.

You will not have to buy a tree. Fakenham Parish Church, generously sponsored by Fakenham Garden Centre, will provide trees for all organisations.

Please note: The Application Form requires an emergency phone number on which you can be contacted 8am—8pm during the period 27th November—8th December.


All trees are generously donated by Fakenham Garden Centre.

You may set up your tree on Tuesday 28rd November  9.00am – 8.00pm (the church will be closed and locked at 8.00pm) and/or Wednesday 29th November 9.00am – 12.00 noon. All trees must be ready by 12.00 noon on Wednesday 29th November to allow for preparation for the Festival ‘Switch-on’.

Any of the following items, as in previous years, will not be permitted: Flashing lights, breakable decorations, spray paint applied in church, banners or large posters, hand-out sticky labels, screens for e.g. PowerPoint. If in doubt, please ask for clarification or permission for ‘new ideas’ before the October meeting.

The allocated space for your tree will be 3’ x 3’ (1sqm).  All display items, stand or table, and your money bucket must fit within this space.

Stripped trees should be taken into St Peter’s Garden, or may be taken away for future use if you wish.

Trees must be taken down between 8.00pm and 9.00pm on Thursday 7th Dec (the church will be closed and locked at 9.00pm) or between 8.00am and 10.00am on Friday 9th December. All trees must be cleared by 10.00am on the 9th December for church cleaning. 


In order to ensure the continuing success of the festival, we require a volunteering commitment from participating charities: we need each organisation to provide a minimum of 10 hours volunteering across the 8 days of the festival. Since Saturday and Sunday are busier days, but less popular with volunteers, at least one of your sessions must be at the weekend.  Volunteering shifts are each of 2 hours duration. There will also be an opportunity to help with the preparation of the church on the Monday before the festival opens as part of your commitment.

Volunteer forms are sent out with the acceptance letters and will need to be returned as hard copy to 95 Norwich Rd, Fakenham, NR21 8HH

It is understood that by submitting an application, you and your organisation agree to comply with all of these conditions. Please ensure that you – and all your volunteers – are willing and able to adhere to all the commitments.

Collection buckets

Charities are required to provide one bucket per tree to be emptied daily. Please bear this in mind if your volunteers live a significant distance from Fakenham. Charity representatives, whose details must be provided to the Festival Team before the October meeting, will be required to check in and to present photographic identification to the duty supervisor before emptying buckets. We ask that you count the money and let the church team know by Fri 15th December the total amount collected.


We ask each organisation to provide a prayer of no more than 70 words relating to their work. These are read in turn on the half-hour throughout the festival. Please send your prayer to  eburbidge@googlemail.com or telephone Elaine on 01328 851848 by the October meeting.  If you have any queries or need help, please contact Elaine.

If you have any queries or questions please email fakenhamchristmastreefestival@gmail.com or leave a message on the dedicated Festival phone 07999 532002 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively ring Alison on 01328 864685 or Elaine or Roger on 01328 851848.

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